Artificial Turf

C&H Baseball is pleased to offer artificial turf supply and installation services. We have a number of different grades, styles, and colors available to meet your price.

C&H Baseball artificial turf typically comes with a 5mm foam backing.

The artificial turf comes in 12’ and 15’ width goods and is drop shipped to the location. Typically; there is excess turf after an installation; which can be used for stance mats and BP mats.

We typically use Nordot brand 34D-2 liquid adhesive to adhere the artificial turf to the surface. For optimum results, C&H Baseball recommends the artificial turf be installed on a smooth, slick, warehouse style finish concrete slab.

In order to properly offer a price quotation; we will need to know the following information:

The width and length of your area that needs turf
The finish of the area (concrete, asphalt, etc.)
Any obstructions? (poles, I-Beams, etc.)

C&H Baseball will be pleased to offer you a custom quote. Contact us today for more information!