Netting-Spectra™ / Dyneema

C&H Baseball is proud to be the exclusive provider of Stan Mar Sports Nets Spectra™ / Dyneema Brand netting to the baseball industry. We have used Spectra™ / Dyneema netting in major league and minor league stadiums, as well as new college stadiums since 1996. Spectra™ / Dyneema is made from a high strength lightweight polyethylene fiber. These fibers have zero stretch, possess a high energy to break ratio, low ratio conductivity and are highly resistant to chemicals and UV rays. Please call for more information on Spectra™/ Dyneema netting.


C&H Baseball’s netting is manufactured from UV stabilized nylon material. Optional gauge sizes are available. Nylon netting typically comes in 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ square mesh, hung on the square as opposed to the diamond, and bordered with a black poly rope. Nylon netting can be used for stadium backstops and barrier netting, dugout rail netting and batting tunnel nets. Please call for a custom quote.