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Our Fielding Screens are the #1 choice of MLB and MiLB. Why? Quality workmanship.  The attention to detail that our Welding Team takes with every product made is the key trait that leads to success over and over again.  Scroll down the page and let us know if you have any questions on product by reaching a member of our sales team at 1-800-248-5912.


It’s what the Pro’s use! All screens have a 1.7″ o.d. and are made with schedule 40 aluminum pipe. 8’x8′ for our L Screen and 1st/3rd base screen. 3rd base spans 8′ x 14’6″

guard rail padding

SCR300 Pro Second Base Screen

SCR230 Pro “Extra Tall” 2nd Base Screen

guard rail padding

SCR200 Pro 1st/3rd Base Screen

SCR130 Pro “Extra Tall” 1st/3rd Base Screen

SCR100 Pro Pitchers L-Screen


Made with the same precision and quality as our Professional line, our Vintage Series screens are 7’x’8 and have a 1.3″ outside diameter pipe.

VINT300 Vintage 2nd Base Screen

VINT200 1st/3rd Vintage Screen

VINT100 Vintage Pitchers L Screen


guard rail padding

Pro Set Package

guard rail padding

Vintage Package


SCR400 Pro “Soft Toss” Screen

SCR430 Pitchers Steel L-Screen


guard rail padding

Wheel Replacement: All Fielding Screens

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Wheel Conversion Kit: All Fielding Screens

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Netting: Fielding Screens

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Padding: Fielding Screens

“ Starting our baseball and softball programs here at Johns Creek from the ground up with a limited budget was no easy task, but the staff at C&H was there for us. Their high quality materials, economical prices, knowledgeable staff, and commitment to excellence is second to none. They have a package to fit any budget. You owe it to yourself and your program to give them the opportunity to see how they can help you.” Billy Nicholson Johns Creek High School – Johns Creek, Georgia