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Products / Portable Batting Cages

 Installation Instructions- Non-Folding Cages

CAG100, CAG400

Installation Instructions- Folding Cages

CAG200, CAG300, CAG500


CAG100 Professional Non- Folding Cage

Starting at $6,650.00

CAG200 Professional Large Folding  Cage

Starting at $6,900.00

CAG300 Professional
Small Folding Cage

Starting at $5,900.00

CAG400 Classic
Non-Folding Cage

Starting at $5,650.00


 Professional Cages

2.375″ O.D Aluminum Pipe

Classic Cages

1.9″ O.D Aluminum Pipe



 C&H Baseball Portable Batting Cages are hand-made to withstand the rigors of Baseball decade after decade! Our Cages are the #1 Choice for MLB and MiLB!




CAG500 Classic
Small Folding Cage

Starting at $5409.00


Portable Cage Padding


Coaches Observation Platform

Lacing Twine


Overhead Mesh Protector


Replacement Spreader Bars

Wheel Replacement Kit: All Swivel Wheel 

Wheel Replacement: Non-Swivel

SCR100 Pro Screen

Pro Set Package

Ball Caddy

SCR400 Soft Toss