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Nordot ® Adhesive 34D-2

  • At C&H Baseball, we use Nordot® Adhesive 34D-2 for all our baseball turf installation projects.
  • This is the original high green strength adhesive. #34D-2 is a Newtonian liquid with a syrup like consistency. It is used on smooth to lightly textured surfaces. Applied with a towel, squeegee or airless spray.
  • Packaged in 5 gallon pails with a pour spout or closed head 55 gallon drums.
  • $279.00 per 5 gal.

There are many adhesive choices for your synthetic turf, recreational, aquatic, or military surface projects, but there are none that perform as well as NORDOT® Adhesives. That’s because NORDOT® Adhesives are formulated with high priced, high quality raw materials. If you choose your adhesive based on price rather than quality, you can often expect your short-term savings to disappear when your project is delayed due to weather; and/or the adhesive fails after prolonged exposure to heat, cold, rain, snow, wind, etc., resulting in expensive callbacks. NORDOT® Adhesives are focused on ease-of-use and long term durability after cure. That’s why NORDOT® Adhesives are the “Gold” Standard” by which all other turf, recreational and water-durable surfaces adhesives are measured, and why they’re the first choice of informed owners, specifiers and installers.